Ham Radio Classes

Ham Radio Classes                                                                                                

The Comanche County ARES currently does not currently hold in-session Ham Radio Preparation classes.

However, if you’ve studied the Ham Radio License Manual (HRLM), 5th Edition by the ARRL or other license manual, and are comfortable with the questions in the question pool, then you are probably ready to take the test.

The Technician and General exams are 35-question, multiple-choice examinations while the Amateur Extra examination has about 50 multiple-choice questions.

Our examination team recommends the following study guides for people interested in obtaining a Technician-class license:

As reference material, particularly for the Technician exam, the team recommends the FCC Rules and Regulations for the Amateur Radio Service (an ARRL publication).


Technician Exam Breakdown
Sub Element Subject Number of
Questions on Exam
(Total 35)
T1 FCC Rules 5
T2 Methods of Communication 2
T3 Radio Phenomena 2
T4 Station Licensee Duties 3
T5 Control Operator Duties 3
T6 Good Operating Practices 3
T7 Basic Communications Electronics 3
T8 Good Engineering Practice 6
T9 Special Operations 2
T0 Electrical, Antenna Structure, and RF Safety Practices 6


Successful candidates should be familiar (very familiar) with the following:

  • FCC Amateur Service Rules (47 CFR 97), especially amateur radio frequency allocations (47 CFR 97.301).
  • Basic station operation and RF safety
  • Basic radio wave propagation (D/E/F layers, tropospheric effects, etc)
  • Ohm’s Law and other basic electronics
  • Formulae like “E = I x R”, “468 / f” and “300 / f”


If you need to speak to someone, please contact the Emergency Coordinator at N7DOD@arrl.net or (580) 280-1006 for more information.